Recreational opportunities

Use of the Wellness Center is free for all our guest!


Tiszaszőlős is situated at the side of the Tisza Lake in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, between the towns Tiszafüred and Abádszalók. In the last few years the village has seen steady development due to the New Hungary Development Plan and the positive attitude of the local government. It is a perfect destination for visitors seeking peaceful recreation. The closeness of the Tisza Lake also makes the village with bike paths and water sport facilities an ideal place for active recreation.




Horseback Riding:

45 mins           3,500 HUF/person      on lunge

45 mins           4,000 HUF/person      in corral

60 mins           6,000 HUF/person      in the field ( only for advanced )

Ride in a Chariot:

45 mins           1,000 HUF/person                 minimum 5 person

Shipping on Lake Tisza :

60 mins           2,500 HUF/person                 minimum 6 person

Bicycle  Rental :

1 day   1,500 HUF grown-up

1 day   1,000 HUF children

Fishing (on lake) daily ticket:

It does not include the price of the fish you catch.

Grown-up                               3,000 HUF/person                 1,500 HUF consumable

Children 6-12 yrs       1,500 HUF/person                 750 HUF consumable

Children 0-6 yrs         0 HUF/person 




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