The “Falusi Patika” Distillary has been open for visitors since 2012. The increasing popularity of our national drink has created the demand for providing the general public with the opportunity to get an insight into the technology of pálinka distillation (Hungarian fruit brandy) and to experience the civilized consumption of the drink.
We offer our visitors – in the frame of a planned programme - to join a guided tour to our distillery where visitors can see centuries-old traditional method of pálinka distillation. Our professional guides introduce visitors to the secret of making pálinka and cefre (jam-like mash) in details as requested by visitors.
Apart from the traditional distilling equipment we will also show our visitors the most modern equipment and technology of distillation developed in foreign countries for which the demand has been more and more striking in gastronomy recently.

In our distillery there is also a show room where visitors can take a look at the products of the most outstanding palinka producers in Hungary.
The guided tour to the distillery also includes pálinka tasting accompanied with the explanation and information given by our experts.

Széchenyi 2020 - Befektetés a jövőbe